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Outline / Directors

The Board of Directors of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., established FURUNO Group Code of Conduct as the basic internal standards to be observed by each and every officer and employee in their daily activities, based on the belief that it leads to enhancement of the company value that each officer and employee of FURUNO Group earns the trusts and expectations from the society as good citizen.

Basic Principles

To meet and exceed the trusts and expectations from the society, and by conforming to our Management Principles:

1. We will conduct our business activities in a fair, sound, sincere, and ethical manner.

2. We will develop and provide products and services with safety and reliability.

3. We will comply with laws and regulations as well as social ethics of each country and region, international rules, business contracts, and internal rules.

Mindset of FURUNO Group Employees

( 1 ) Conduct as a FURUNO Group Employee

( 2 ) Respect for Culture, Custom, and Human Rights, and Work Environment

Points to Note Regarding Business Activities

( 3 ) Products / Services

( 4 ) Environmental Conservation

( 5 ) Free Competition and Fair Trading

( 6 ) Export Control

( 7 ) Affiliations with Politics and Bureaucracies

( 8 ) Relationships with Clients, Suppliers, and Business Partners

( 9 ) Participation in anti-Social Forces

(10) Accounting Practices, Tax

(11) Public Disclosure

Company Assets

(12) Company Assets

(13) Intellectual Properties

Information Control

(14) Confidential Information

(15) Personal Information

(16) Insider Trading

Established : September 1, 2011
Revised : March 1, 2016

FURUNO Group Code of Conduct [PDF/96 MB]

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