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Corporate Philosophy



Management Principles

1.A company exists to serve society.  2.Its management must be creative.  3.The happiness of its employees comes with the growth of a company.

We, FURUNO group, feel it our role in the society to contribute to the society by creating new values, which is clearly stipulated in our management principle, and this is regarded as our focal value to observe.

Business Theme

Technology for Visibility

FURUNO strives to contribute to realisation of the pleasant society filled with safety and peace of mind by revealing the things that people do not usually see, such as underwater condition, situation around ships, tectonic deformation, people's physical conditions, etc.

SPC&I"Integration" of our knowledge, skills and know-how accumulated through our business activities into our core technological expertise, namely, "Sensing", "Processing" and "Communication", We create solution that is of value to our customers. This is the source of the value that FURUNO delivers to the society and is regarded as our core competences, and we take the initial characters and address it as "SPC & I".

Action Guidelines

Moving forward to the future

While looking firmly ahead to the future and clarifying our ideal and vision, we strive to realize them.

Challenging for the best

We seek to achieve the highest level of quality at all times in all our corporate activities.

Standing firm to seek creativity

Since the inception, creativity has been regarded as our identity that is of highest value. We shall further strengthen our stance on creativity in all business segments of ours.

Respecting sincerity

We engage with the society with utmost sincerity.

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