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Environmental Activities

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Environmental Activities

Environmental Philosophy

In order to approach sustainability, we shall place "protection of the global environment," "creation of a recycling-oriented society," and "conservation of biodiversity" as the core mainstays of our environmental policy.
We shall strive to conduct environmental management, fulfilling the responsibilities expected of us as a company and society's expectations of our products.

Message to the Society

Let us protect our earth! Let us seek a 21st century characterized by ecological awareness! FURUNO will continue to do its utmost to produce environmentally friendly products.

Guidelines for Action

Protection of the global environment
We strive to contribute to energy and resource conservation as well as reduction in emission of greenhouse gasses throughout the entire process of procurement, manufacturing, distribution and disposal through environmental design and by developing environmentally friendly products and systems.

Creation of a recycling-oriented society
We strive to reduce waste produced by our business activities and over the course of the lifecycles of our products by promoting the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

Conservation of biodiversity
We strive to reduce use and seek alternatives for chemicals that have negative impacts on living organisms and the global environment through chemical risk management. Furthermore, we strive to contribute to preservation of the marine environment and realization of sustainable fisheries through development and provision of products and systems that contribute to more efficient fishing and marine resource management.

Fostering a corporate culture of coexistence with the environment and society
In order to promote environmental communication, we aim to maintain and develop bonds of trust. This is achieved by actively disclosing our environmental policy, activities and accomplishments both inside and outside of our company, and pursuing an enhanced dialog with stakeholders. Also, we seek to develop human resources who adhere to environmental laws and regulations affecting our business activities, strive for harmonious coexistence with society in order to fulfill our social responsibility through environmental activities, and take the initiative to engage in activities that benefit society and the local community.

Established : May 21, 1999
Revised : June 5, 2012

Status of ISO14001 Certification ( As of December 2016)

(Holds Certificate No: EMS 623931)

We obtained the ISO 14001 certification in December 1999 for Miki Factory, in March 2001 for Nishinomiya office (headquarters, subsidiaries and affiliates) and in August 2003 for FURUNO INT Center.

Since December 2016, these individual certifications have been united to multi-site certification.

EMS 623931

ISO14001 Certified Sites

Sites Major Products, Business Fields
Research, Design and Development of Electronic Equipment for Boats & Ships, and Industrial Electronic Equipment, and Manufacture, Sales, Services Activities of Products.
Miki Factory
Manufacture of Fishing Equipment , Navigation Equipment , and Radio Communications Equipment.
Design and Development, Production and Distribution of In Vitro Diagnostic Chemical Analyzers, Ultrasound Bone Densitometer, ITS Products, GNSS Engine and Apparatus EMC Testing, Environmental Testing and Calibration for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
[ME Nishinomiyahama Factory]
Production and Distribution of In Vitro Diagnostic Chemical Analyzers, Ultrasound Bone Densitometers Production and Distribution of Maintenance Parts, Cleaning Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostic Chemical Analyzers Distribution of Consumable Supplies for In Vitro Diagnostic Chemical Analyzers.
[Nishinomiyahama Factory]
Production of In Vitro Diagnostic Chemical Analyzers, Ultrasound Bone Densitometer.
[Kobe Branch]
Development and sales of industrial electronic equipment.
LABOTECH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. EMC testing, Environmental testing and Calibration for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
FURUNO LIFEBEST CO., LTD. Printing operation, insurance agency operation and temporary staffing.
FURUNO SOFTECH CO., LTD. Development, sales and services of software.
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