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Research and Innovation Center

While refining core technologies from a long-term perspective, this center also conducts research into new business domains and innovative, advanced R&D activities. It covers technology related to devices, sensing (radio waves, sound and optical), signal processing and so forth.

Testing Vessels

FURUNO has two testing vessels, the Spirit of Furuno and PEGASUS. FURUNO's second vessel, the PEGASUS entered service in 2005 and is designed as a recreational boat to develop auto-pilot systems, radar systems and other equipment for high-speed recreational boats.

Miki Factory (Miki, Hyogo Prefecture)

Located on a 67,000m2 site, Miki Factory is FURUNO's main facility in Japan and the world's largest plant producing marine electronic equipment. From navigation systems to fishing equipment, Miki Factory accounts for around 60% of FURUNO's total production. With care for the environment positioned as a key issue, this facility is working to reduce emissions of industrial waste as well as to implement energy saving and resource conservation measures. The goal is to create products and a production facility that are environmentally friendly.


In 2005, to enhance its competitiveness and develop operations more globally, FURUNO constructed a new factory in China. Situated on a 14,000m2 site, the factory was selected by the local authority for a fiscal 2005 award recognizing employee satisfaction.

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