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5 February 2009

Notice to our customers who wish to use FURUNO Inmarsat C/MINI-C terminals for LRIT application

This is to notify you of the compatibility of our Inmarsat C/MINI-C terminals with LRIT Performance Standards.

FELCOM 10 and FELCOM 11 (CRT):
*Not applicable to the LRIT

FELCOM 11 (LCD) and FELCOM 12:
*Software change may be required depending upon the software version (please see below table for further details)
*No additional hardware installation required
*Conformance test on the ship is required

*No software change required
*No additional hardware installation required
*Type-approved by Telefication B.V., according to IMO MSC.263(84)
*Conformance test on the ship required

What is LRIT (Long-Range Identification and Tracking)?

LRIT is the system that monitors vessel traffic around the world, and it starts operating from 1st of July 2009 onward. Once put into use, LRIT enhances security and safety at sea, streamlines search and rescue procedure, and provide environmental monitoring for pollution response in the wake of a maritime incident. LRIT requires international trading passenger ships, cargo ships of 300 GT and upward, and off-shore drilling units to automatically transmit required LRIT information such as their identity and real-time position anywhere in the world. When the information is requested by the authorities, it transmits the information to the flag states, port states, coastal states, and search & rescue services.

At the 85th session of the Maritime Safety Committee, having taken into the consideration that the provision of the LRIT system is still in progress around the world, it has been concluded that the transitional period is set from 31st of December 2008 to 30th of June 2009 during which transmission of the LRIT information is not deemed mandatory. However, installation schedule for the LRIT facility onboard remains as stated on SOLAS Chapter V. 19-1.

Installation schedule of LRIT onboard vessel

*For ships constructed on and after 31st of December 2008:
LRIT should be fitted onboard vessels at the first survey of the radio installation.

*For ships constructed before 31st of December 2008 and operating in the sea areas A1-3:
LRIT should be fitted onboard vessels no later than the first survey of the radio installation after 31st of December 2008.

*For ships constructed before 31st of December 2008 whose operating field is extended to the sea area A4:
LRIT should be fitted onboard vessels no later than the first survey of the radio installation after 1st of July 2009.

Note: All the ships fitted with AIS, whose operating field is limited in the sea area A1, are not required to carry designated LRIT system onboard.

*Introduction to FURUNO LRIT Solutions(3.70 MB)

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