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3 November 2016

FURUNO and CZone™ Collaborate To Lessen Captain's Time Spent On System Management

FURUNO's new software v4 is now interfacing with CZone, allowing the boats circuits and systems to be monitored and controlled through the NavNet TZ touch 2 displays.

To provide a seamless user experience across navigation and power management, FURUNO's NavNet TZtouch2 multi-function displays can now fully interface with the CZone range of digital switching technology. This creates an integrated vessel solution that allows the simplicity of a digital switching solution within the same single touch screen display.

About CZone

CZone is the most well-known Digital Switching system brand of BEP, the global leader in marine electrical systems and components. From controlling lighting configurations to monitoring critical levels, CZone technology provides one-touch simplicity and control of all the vessels systems in an integrated solution.

A shortcut to the mode controls is available from any display options of the FURUNO TZtouch2 screens for quick access, monitoring and control of CZone. In addition, redundancies in the system and user-friendly alerts provide added confidence while at sea. Echo Average, Manual Fuel Management, and NavNet Remote app support are new features as well.

Owners of existing TZtouch2 displays will be able to access the full CZone functionality after downloading and applying a software upgrade to the current hardware. CZone is not compatible with TZtouch1.

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