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21 January 2017

FURUNO Proudly Introduces The New MODEL1815 Compact, High-Performance Radar

FURUNO, a world leader in marine electronics, is proud to introduce its cost-effective and high-performance MODEL1815, specifically designed to suit pleasure crafts, sail boats, small fishing boats, and work boats.

The MODEL1815 Radar is perfect for both beginners as the first Radar that you buy and for professional users as a credible navigation product. The display unit is compact in size, features easy-to-use and intuitive controls, all while maintaining high- performance Radar standards based on their high-end technologies without the slightest compromise.
The unit offers crisp images of the surrounding area on the 8.4" color LCD display, which details the high sensitivity of the 19-inch, 4kW Radome antenna. Utilizing exclusive Fast Target Tracking™, True Echo Trail Mode and True View Mode technologies, the MODEL1815 displays all of the necessary information in detecting and ranging targets with easy to understand visual signals and colors at a glance. When using the True Echo Trail Mode, moving objects show up on the screen with a gradational trail, making it possible to monitor the movement of targets. The MODEL1815 is compatible with an external AIS, allowing you to see AIS targets on your screen. Depending on the sea conditions, the MODEL1815 incorporates auto-adjust settings, giving you shortcuts to operation menus to make full use of the Radar's features while maintaining your safety at sea.
The MODEL1815 was made to give you confidence in the harshest marine environments. Even in poor visibility, such as sudden fog or storms, the Radar draws detailed echo images of the coastline and targets at short ranges. The waterproof display also makes it ideal for exposed installations, such as center console.
No one makes Radar like FURUNO and the Model1815 brings high-end Radar capabilities to boats of any size.

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