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21 January 2017

FURUNO Brings New Sensors DFF-3D and DRS12A/ 25A X-Class to Your NavNet TZtouch Network

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (headquartered in Nishinomiya, Japan, President: Mr. Yukio Furuno) proudly releases the new sensors DFF-3D Multi-Beam Sonar and DRS12A/ 25A X-Class Radar sensors are available in spring 2017.
Both the DFF-3D and DRS12A/ 25A X-Class Radar sensors are used exclusively for NavNet TZ touch/ TZtouch2 series.

example of DFF-3D image on NavNet TZtouch/ TZtouch2 screen

Furuno is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our multi-beam Echo Sounder product lineup, the DFF-3D. The DFF-3D Network Multi-Beam Sonar is an innovative sonar which depicts seabed profile and fish locations in 3D forms, utilizing new multi-beam technology.
Connecting with TZtouch/ TZtouch2 multi function displays, the DFF-3D shows 120-degrees port to starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction where fish schools are moving, while displaying the seabed condition in real time.
The DFF-3D also has various display modes to fit your needs, including, Cross Section, 3D Sounder History, Triple/ Single Beam Sounder and Side Scan. Depending on the situation and preference, combinations of screen modes can be displayed simultaneously. The built-in motion sensor (standard supply) stabilizes the display to give clear and stable images, even under rough sea conditions.

Radar sensor series for NavNet TZ touch Network

The DRS12A/ 25A X-Class is the newest lineup of Radar sensors for NavNet TZtouch/ TZtouch2. Complementing the DRS6A X-Class series, these new 12kW and 25kW models offer higher output power and longer range possibilities. Utilizing an all-new, high-efficiency transmitter with a longer pulse and enhanced sensitivity receiver, the target detection in both long and short distances deliver amazing resolution and quality. A new enhanced receiver separates small, clustered targets for an accurate picture of your surroundings. The Bird mode makes full use of this technological improvement. When the industry-leading, long-range bird detection mode is on, it will be extremely helpful in finding hot fishing spots efficiently. Equipped with Fast Target Tracking™ and True Echo Trail mode, the DRS12A/25A X-Class contributes to the safety of your navigation. Fast Target Tracking™ displays speed and course vectors for multiple targets within seconds. The True Echo Trail mode shows a colorful trail of the target to show directional movement. These modes help you to evaluate and size up navigation challenges in seconds.

These new network sensors, made exclusively for NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2, shows dedication of FURUNO to bring more innovative and exciting technology to a well established NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 customer base.

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