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17 February 2017

FURUNO Brings Industry-Leading Integration with YAMAHA Engine Gauge into NavNet TZTouch2 Display

Monitor Your YAMAHA Outboards Now at Your Fingertips with NavNet TZtouch2

As a leader in the marine electronics industry, FURUNO has been a forerunner of technology integration by bringing many "firsts" to the market over the past 79 years. This tradition continues with their latest announcement of interfacing YAMAHA Outboard Engines and displaying the gauges on the NavNet TZtouch2 display.
FURUNO is proud to be one of the first in the industry to integrate a Multi Function Display (MFD) with a YAMAHA Engine to display the engine gauges and boat status. FURUNO collaborated closely with YAMAHA to create the interface, while designing the gauge to emulate the familiar YAMAHA look and feel. NavNet TZtouch2 interfaces with YAMAHA's Helm Master®, Command Link® and Command Link Plus® to bring the engine data across the network. This marriage of helm navigation and engine data places all of this critical data at your fingertips, making NavNet TZtouch2 a turnkey solution for efficient control of your boat. Users will actually get to use them from spring 2017, after the software update is available.

Example of YAMAHA Engine Gauge on NavNet TZTouch2

By adding a YAMAHA gateway and a simple software update to the NavNet TZtouch2 MFD, users will have useful and complete YAMAHA engine functions right on the display. The Engine Combo screen for up to four engines can be displayed. The Engine Combo displays critical system data, including shift position, engine RPM, boat speed, engine trim level, available fuel in gallons, fuel level (up to 6 tanks), fuel flow, fuel economy and other vital engine functions such as oil pressure, water pressure and battery voltage.

4 Engine Strokes image

YAMAHA's Troll Mode is integrated into the display as well, allowing users to control trolling speed right from the NavNet TZtouch2 display. A Boat Status display is also available, offering important information at a glance for trip distance, speed, fuel flow, fuel economy, gallons used, rudder info and even depth. Finally, there are quick trouble shooting displays that give detailed engine alarms and trouble codes, along with trip and maintenance hour tracking.
FURUNO's NavNet TZtouch2 continues to evolve into much more than just a great navigation tool, as Furuno adds new, innovative features. FURUNO has created strong partnerships with third party vendors to bring navigation, automation and even crowd-sourced data to their MFD. Now, with the integration of the YAMAHA gauges, NavNet TZtouch2 has become perhaps the most valuable tool on your entire boat.

Boat Status screen image
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