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7 October 2017

FURUNO to exhibit Weather Radar Systems and a GNSS Displacement Measurement System at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017 in Netherlands

FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd (headquartered in Nishinomiya, Japan, President : Mr. Yukio Furuno) will be exhibiting at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017 from October 10th to 12th in the city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

MTWE 2017 is one of the largest shows in the world of technologies related to climate, including weather forecasting, climate analysis, measurement, and services. FURUNO, willing to contribute even more to the development of new technologies in this field, will exhibit its Compact X-band Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar "WR-2100" and present, for the first time, its new self-contained and smartly designed X-band Doppler Weather Radar "WR110". In addition to these two innovative Doppler Weather Radars, FURUNO will display the well-known GNSS Displacement Measurement System, "DANA".

The WR-2100, which is the world's smallest and lightest weather radar, has already been the choice of many all over the world. The Radar can be used in various kinds of environment and covers many fields of application such as water management, traffic support or disaster assistance.
The DANA, for its part, is able to measure, with millimeter precision, ground displacement in 3 dimensions by using GNSS positioning system. Furthermore, this GNSS sensor, by determining precisely land movements, provides considerable help in predicting potential disasters such as landslides or volcano eruptions.
At this exhibition, FURUNO will provide several examples of installation for the equipment above.

About the X-band Doppler Weather Radar, "WR110"
This lightweight and self-contained weather radar offers high resolution observation. Its modest size spares the users the hassle of using heavy machines for the installation and allows it to be done by manpower alone. The processor being built-in, the Antenna can be transported easily by common vehicles and installed anywhere as the radar can operates on regular household power.

X-Band Doppler Weather Radar "WR110", example of installation

[Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017]
Official website: http://www.meteorologicaltechnologyworldexpo.com/en/
Period of the event: 10-12th of October, 2017
Location: Hall 8, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands
FURUNO booth number: 10040

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