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23 October 2013

FURUNO's new Chart Radar Model FAR-3000 series will be available shortly

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is pleased to announce that its new Chart Radar FAR-3000 series will be available shortly, and it is going to be unveiled at upcoming exhibitions: KORMARINE 2013 in Busan (from the 22nd to 25th of October) and Marintec China 2013 in Shanghai (from the 3rd to 6th of December). The FAR-3000 series Chart Radar incorporates the following new Radar technologies while sharing the traits common to the latest FURUNO bridge system equipment, namely straightforward, task-based user interface, network expandability, multifunction display capability, etc.

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with an optional pedestal

Newly incorporated Radar technologies

FURUNO Solid State Radar technology
S-band Solid State Radar is included into the line-up of the FAR-3000 series (FAR-3230S-SSD and FAR-3330S-SSD). FURUNO's Solid State Radar technology generates clear radar echo images of the targets, which allows users to obtain clear picture of what are around the vessel, including weak targets from smaller craft. Also, Solid State Radar requires lower maintenance cost and service hour, compared with conventional magnetron Radar, which leads to reduced long-term running cost.
Automatic Clutter Elimination
When Automatic Clutter Elimination function is activated, the system automatically adjusts the clutter reduction filter and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions selected (Calm/Rough Sea/Hard Rain). Our advanced echo averaging architecture is also incorporated into Automatic Clutter Elimination function. Users can avoid complicated adjustment processes, resulting in clear echo images displayed on the screen. This function can be activated by a single press of the function button on the Instant Access Bar.
Enhanced Target Tracking
The FAR-3000 has an enhanced target tracking function. The speed and heading vector of the targets can be shown on the screen within a few second after the acquisition, and target tracking starts subsequently. Stable tracking of high-speed and rapidly manoeuvring vessels is possible with this new function.

Straightforward User Interface
The FAR-3000 utilizes the same philosophy in user interface as the FURUNO's latest ECDIS models FMD-3200/FMD-3300 series, which is characterized by carefully organized operational tools: The Status bar and The InstantAccess bar. These operational tools deliver straightforward, task-based operation by which the operator can quickly perform tasks without having to navigate an intricate menu tree.
Network Expandability
The FAR-3000 can be networked with the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 ECDIS system simply by connecting through Ethernet cable. Furthermore, the navigation sensors can be integrated into the bridge network by using the Sensor Adapter. Thus, integration into the FURUNO bridge system, which can be configured into a high notation bridge system, can be done.
Multi Function Display Function
The FAR-3000 functionality can be extended to operate as ECDIS and alert management system and conning display, once those functions are activated. The functions can be instantly switched on the Status Bar by left-clicking the operating mode selector to pick out the desired operating mode. This expandability in terms of functionality offers flexibility in bridge operation to the operators.

Newly designed antenna scanners for the FAR-3000 series Chart Radar that suppress the aerodynamic drag and prevent a spike in temperature (right: S-band antenna and left: X-band antenna)
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