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19 January 2017


Strengthening Sales Promotion and After-service in Indonesia

FURUNO Indonesia, the newly established subsidiary company of FURUNO SINGAPORE PTE LTD, launches business in Republic of Indonesia.

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is pleased to announce that the PT FURUNO ELECTRIC INDONESIA has been established and is commencing its business operation. FURUNO Indonesia's main task is to have a closer relationship with the existing dealers to enhance customers' satisfactions and to offer services in this new market. Also, FURUNO Indonesia has started direct communications with customers to offer the best customer supports.
Lee Choong Leong, president director of FURUNO Indonesia said, "We believe face-to-face consulting will deliver customers several solutions to provide safety navigation and/ or efficiency of catching fish. Therefore, we will be visiting customers as much as possible and keep in close communication with them."
The parent company FURUNO SINGAPORE is the central office for developing marine products business in South East Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. In the aim of strengthening customer/ dealer support in a long-term business strategy in South East Asia, the FURUNO group will be continuously making moves around the world to facilitate customers' trust and demand for our products overarching industries from marine electronics to industrial electronics.


Cowell Tower 8th fllor,Jl,Senen Raya No.135 Jakarta 10410, Indonesia
Phone: +62 (0)213511282
Fax: +62 (0)213511283
E-mail: fid@furuno.id
URL: http://www.furuno.id/

President Director: Lee Choong Leong
Capital: USD 1,200,000.00 (99% owned by FURUNO Singapore, Sub-subsidiary company of FURUNO ELECTRIC Co., LTD.)
Business: Sales Promotion and After-purchasing service in Indonesian market

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