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Green Procurement

FURUNO prioritizes items that have less impact on the environment when it comes to procuring parts, materials, office stationery, furnishings and so forth. Moreover, we avoid using or promote to reduce use of certain hazardous chemical substances in procuring parts and materials. Through this "Green Procurement", we are determined to decrease negative environmental impacts when manufacturing our products.

Public interest in preservation of the global environment has been growing in recent years, and the European Union has initiated reinforcing environmental regulations with the enforcement of WEEE Directive (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) and RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), for instance. In 2004, FURUNO established the "Green Procurement Standards for Parts and Materials" in order to fulfill our social responsibility in terms of environmental protection as well as compliance with existing regulations. Thenceforward, we have been implementing procurement activities based upon the principle of environmental protection, putting primary focus upon any chemical substances contained in the parts and materials of our products. It would be our pleasure if our valued suppliers could kindly countenance our vision of environmental protection and cooperate with us in pursuing that goal.

To our customers

At FURUNO we strive to ensure that our products are RoHS compliant, and we shall publish the DOC (Declaration of Conformity) document on respective product homepage when the conformance is confirmed.

To our valued suppliers

Please refer to the guidelines for our green procurement activities.

Green Procurement Guidelines English Japanese
Green Procurement Standards for Parts and Materials 6th Edition [PDF/256 KB] [PDF/439 KB]
Self-Declaration of Conformance Regarding Systems for Managing Chemical Substances in Products [DOC/60 KB] [DOC/40 KB]
Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative
(As of July 2009)
English Japanese
Ver.4 Green Procurement Survey Tool [XLS/3.01 MB] [XLS/3.01 MB]
Ver.4 Material Composition Survey and Response Manual [PDF/482 KB] [PDF/700 KB]
Ver.4 Survey Response Tools Operation Manual [PDF/886 KB] [PDF/1.82 MB]
Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products Ver.3 [PDF/1.03 MB] [PDF/1.14 MB]

Inquiries about Material Procurement

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